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Moira Inez

Closet Edits

Closet Edits

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Revamp your wardrobe, elevate your style.

Closet Edits are the ultimate refresh for your fashion game. This service starts with an on-site consultation in your home, discussing what you love and what you might have fallen out of love with. Any pieces you might be ready to depart with will be distributed to mutual aid networks and others in need who will re-home them to someone who could use a few extra articles of clothing.

Moira will help you explore new ways of styling existing pieces to give them new life, coaching you through interesting methods of accessorizing or customizing outfits using the resources at your hands.

The closet edit is all about helping you feel lighter, freer, and happier, addressing why we hold onto what we hold onto, and what we can say goodbye to. This is Moira's most accessible service and includes a one-hour in-person consultation plus follow-up online followup.

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